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Translating Forms of Light Language

I had a lovely lady come to me and ask me to translate her Light Language written words. I know that many of us both speak, write and sing in Light Language. There is also the form of Light Language in dance and art. My feelings are that once spoken, written, danced, sung or drawn the vibrations from this are sent into the light. These vibrations are what is needed to raise the light. The light moves all things in favor of source and our ascension into the higher dimensions.

The spoken or written Light Language is not needed to be translated in all cases. By its action it has done its work, It is out there in vibration form out into the universe to do the work it has been created to do. The Light Language speaks to the soul. The soul has ears to hear what the mind does not understand. Intuition can also play a part in translation. What you feel when you hear or see Light Language can be the message you are to receive. I also believe that it can have a different meaning for each of you. Much like the written word in the Bible or any religious writings, you may read the same passage numerous times and receive a different message depending what is happening to you at the time of your reading. Just keep channeling in your divine way in all things and ways. For as stated above once performed it is doing what it is meant to do. In time you may be given translation if you ask for it to come. It will happen when your time has come to receive it. Everything comes in divine timing. Keep your light shining. Namaste Linda

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