What if, in the still of the night or the dawn of a new day, when all was quiet, you heard voices? What if touching people sent tingles up your arms and you could feel other people’s pain? What if in your time of loneliness, you saw an image that told you all was well?What if your nighttime dreams, turned into a reality? What do you do? Whom do you tell? Would others understand or would they call you crazy?Discussing such occurrences can make us uneasy or even generate a deep fear. Why is this so? If we speak of such things, will we be ostracized, kicked out of the clan? Has our past conditioned us to keep our abilities a secret? There is a global shift occurring and we can no longer ignore it. We are remembering that we are more than just physical beings. Science is proving we are constructed with an inner technology that enables us to communicate with spirits and higher intelligence. History points to the idea that our abilities have been intentionally suppressed.The Real US (and we're not crazy) is a collaboration of teachings and uplifting stories from everyday people who are coming out of their supernal closets. This delightful, easy to read book is jam-packed with education, inspiration, and awe. Throw in a little humor and The Real Us (and we're not crazy) will help you to see, hear, and feel that you are perfectly sane. You are simply part of the awakening. So what are you waiting for? Get The Real Us (and we're not crazy) right now and be amazed! Book features Linda Lee-Hack.

The Real Us (and we're not crazy)

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