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Light Language

"Light Language is the Universal

Language of the Human Soul"

- Linda Lee-Hack

Latest Light Languages

Light Language

What is Light Language

Light Language is a form of communication from realms beyond what is commonly accessed. It is a tool in which Angels, spirit or galactic beings use to communicate  through me to you for messages and healing.

What does Light Language sound like

Light Language is expressed in a variety of different sounds. It can sound like tones, spoken dialect, clicks, animal sounds or even singing.  


Arch Angel Uriel

Music Composition

Light language infused with Light Language Music. This piece dives deep into the soul.


DNA Activation

Awakening the 12th Strand

By awakening your 12th strand within your DNA structure, your true potentials as a human being begin to emerge.



All disease and sickness

Light Language healing can improve your health and well-being bringing a since of calm during difficult times.

About Me

About Me


Linda Lee-Hack

Linda Hack has the extraordinary ability of channeling light language along with Angels, Guides and Spirit. These channeling's come from a place of pure love from the conscious collective with the intent of healing the mind body and soul.


Linda's ability of channeling light language has taken her across the globe helping and healing people in need. 

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