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Hi there, my name is Linda Lee and this is my amazing story!

As a young girl my older sister and I would spend a few weeks with our great grand mother and her husband in Los Angeles where they lived. They both were Pentecostal pastors at Amy McPherson Four Square church. This was my first real exposure to formal church religious services. We went on Wednesday night to the 500 room it was called. That is where grandpa would preach. On Sunday we went into the main church. It was very large with two or three stories. I had never seen a room that big being from rural San Diego. Many healings have taken place there. The rooms above the main floor of church included museum-like displays of pictures and medical equipment of those who had been healed. As a child I found this to be an amazing place. It had back staircases that led to rooms we could not go in and metal staircases outside like a fire escape. My Sister and I would play hide and seek there. As a child these were impressive times for me.

When I was about 12 I was sent by myself to care for my great grandmother who had fallen and broken both of her wrists. Her husband who also needed help with his meals and bathing. Looking back it was a lot of responsibility for 12 year old child. I lived in San Diego. My parents drove me to their home in Echo Park and left me there. I was okay with that as I did not like being with my mother and I enjoyed my great grandparents. It was during that stay while attending a Wednesday service that I was spiritually over taken with the calling to come forward and give my heart to God. That is when I was filled with the Holy Spirit and given this gift of what at that time was called “speaking in tongue.” The urge would come over me to speak in this tongue, and my great grandmother schooled me on how to use it but only in church. I had no idea what I was saying when I spoke in this unknown language, but there was always someone in the congregation that would interpret what I was saying.

When I returned home this gift I had received was put on hold as I did not have anyone there to nurture it. It was only during this past two years that I came across the words and concept of “Light Language” and started investigating it and its purpose.

At this time I feel that my Light Language comes from LOVE and enters into the soul of the person to whom it is directed and inspires the release of Love within that person. Love can never hurt. Love is not to be feared. It can be healing and will be the foundation of the New Earth.

More often than not a loved one who has passed or someone else will come in when the Light Language stops, to say hello and often give you help or encouragement in your life’s path.



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What if, in the still of the night or the dawn of a new day, when
all was quiet, you heard voices? What if touching people sent
tingles up your arms and you could feel other people’s pain?
What if, in your time of loneliness, you saw an image that told
you all was well?
What do you do? Who do you tell? Would others understand or
would they call you crazy?