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A incoming soul touched me to deliver a messagToday I am reminded of a beautiful mese to her Mother!

Today I am reminded of a beautiful message I was chosen to share with an expected mother while in Rehab with my broken kneecap. While a Physical Therapist was working with me a little girl came to me asking to please ask her mom to stop stressing. I looked out over the room and did not see anyone who appeared pregnant so I ask the girl working with me who in the room was expecting and at that very moment a young women walked up next to us and that was her. She had just entered into her fourth month and was not showing yet. I told her I was a medium and that a small little girl had a message for her. She had just found out she was having a girl. The baby asked me to describe her physical appearance to her mom first. Then she told her mom that the moment she looked into her eyes after birth she would feel and find the unconditional love she has been seeking all her life! This baby also told her Mom that when she felt the stress take over, just think of love and how much she loved her that she chose her to be her Mother and that she is pure love coming to comfort her. I won’t go into the stress she was feeling but I hope this message helped. The next day this Mom was asked to take me back to my room and when we got to the room she told me as soon as she laid her hands on my wheel chair she could feel such love, peace and joy. I could feel the baby’s energy enclosing both her mom and me with her loving energy. I know this child will be coming into this life fully awake and make a very big impact on life. The icing here is when I asked her if she had chosen a name she tells me Ally Nichole and both those names are used in my family with two of my granddaughters. I am grateful for the ability to help others. This also opens the door to the discussion that while in the womb and even before the soul enters the body it feels and is effected by the emotions of the mother and I believe also other family members who share space with her.

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