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Spirit has asked me to jump back in. I was told many opportunities would be made available for me to once again impact the spiritual walk of others. The opportunity would involve the souls of loved ones and friends; who have gone home to work for the betterment of EARTH and HUMANITY! I asked to co host with Loretta Sharingroup - she is a dear friend and YouTuber who interviews near death experiencers. She and I are working together to assist the collective in the evolution of humanity. The first event is Sunday, March 5th at 10:00AM and called Spirit Speaks. All those who register will be given a zoom link to join on the 5th. We need a good group of people to attend the first event to get it going so I hope a few of you register and join us. It will be a two hour event on zoom. Come with an open heart and a couple of questions to ask your loved ones, guides and angels on the other side. I will allow spirit to guide me to those in the group with a message from behind the veil. Donations will be appreciated but not required to attend. We will have 20 open seats first come first serve. Below is a link to the spirit speaks event on March 5th at 10 AM eastern time zone.

Much Love, Linda Lee

Register directly for the event here.

Follow along for updates on facebook here.

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