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 Hello to all my subscribers,      April 21, 2024  

Thank you for faithfully hanging in there with me as I’ve gone through some domestic life changes.

Pre-covid my husband David and the co Arthur of our book, “The World of Psychics, Mediums and Spirits”, went in for an endoscope. During the endoscope his duodenum was torn leaving him requiring emergency surgery, post-surgery he was extremely sick, and his recovery was terribly slow requiring my full-time attention. Then covid hit and with his immune system already compromised we made the decision to stop all family visits; as I know so many others also had to do. We also made an educated decision not to vaccinate, and eventually we both succumb to covid. Early in the epidemic I tested positive and qualified for the serum drip; David also qualified due to exposure, age, and health risk.

Many other health issues have plagued us as we’ve navigated post covid to present day.  My husband has not fully recovered from all the health issues and is not expected to at the impressive age of 90. Currently his mobility is extremely limited requiring my full attention unless we have a helper of sorts.  He is still here with me and for that I am thankful.

Then a little over two years ago both of my brothers lost their wives just ten days apart. My elder brother Ron lived in Boston with his wife who was his caretaker. Ron and I have only had the pleasantries of holiday greetings for most of the last fifty years up to that point. Ron had lost his health to alcohol addiction and has spent time in jail for DUI.  His body has suffered and rapidly deteriorated due to many long years of abuse. His wife was also an alcoholic, and her early death was a result of cirrhosis of the liver from the abuse.  After the death of his wife Ron moved to Florida for my help. Ron is a veteran but had never attempted to sign up for any veterans' benefits, so upon his arrival I stepped in and filed for him. It was a long-drawn-out time-consuming job.  During this time, I was constantly seeing my soul role in this life, how I must have agreed to fulfill the needs of my brothers and how would I do this?  Would I be bitter and angry?  What was it that I wanted to accomplish for this life lesson, and will I achieve what I was seeking in this lifetime that perhaps I had not had in past lives?   My children and a few of my adult grandchildren just could not understand why I took my brother's needs to the point that I did. Each feared the old saying “it's usually the caretaker that goes first" so because of their love for me this was a threat. Due to the nature of my relationship with Ron my children never got to know him, or my brother Kenney very well. My Granddaughter asked “WHY” I was so invested and my answer “Family”.

I am happy to say that my brother Ron has been admitted to a brand-new veteran's nursing home where he can live out his remaining days in a clean environment being cared for by qualified medical professionals and now my only role is to visit so he can see a loving face and I am only about five minutes away.

My younger brother Ken is also an alcoholic and just like brother Ron his wife died of cirrhosis of the liver just ten days different. At the time of Ken’s wife's death, he continued to cohabitate with his lifelong adult friends and to this day they still reside together doing their best.  Ken’s wife was his caretaker and her death propeller him into a deep depression as he blamed himself. His drinking became so bad that he never left his room and sat on the edge of his bed all day drinking to the point of passing out. This went on even after he had a lung removal because of cancer. For a year and a half this was the daily routine until one day he was bitten by a recluse spider and refused medical attention. Ken’s roommate called me asking me to attempt to talk some sense into him, but Ken would not have it.  During this time, I was made aware of Ken’s own death wish as he told me and his two roommates.  Based on him verbalizing this I was able to baker act him so he would be forced to get medical attention. All of this was going on at the same time as I was dealing with Ron’s move to Florida and his medical needs, and my husband David’s declining health.  Again, revisiting my soul contract knowing and understanding soul contracts is what has saved me through this.

Ken’s hospital/mental evaluation was short lived he was held for the 72 hours then released back home where he continued to refuse to medicate the infected spider bite. And Ken went right back to his personal isolation and beverage of choice, beer. Although Ken did not go out one of his drinking buddies would buy the beer with Ken’s money so they could share in the festivities of drinking until and they pass out. I was getting calls from his roommate all hours of the day seeking help but neither of them would step in and stop the friend from buying the beer. I could understand their fear because Ken is the only name on the lease for the duplex, they live in owned by another slum lord not being held accountable. 

Ken’s health issue continued to escalate for obvious reasons; we found he had a collapsed artery in his leg from the presentient sitting on the side of his bed for the last 3 years. Medical staff was able to complete a balloon procedure and a stint in hopes to begin the healing process. Ken’s ability to walk had deteriorated and he needed rehabilitation, after a lot of work I was finally able to find a place for him to go for rehab. and he agreed. The day of the transfer from the hospital to rehab. Came and his roommate showed up to convince Ken to go home rather than go to rehab.  Ken had not had any beer while he was in the hospital for the two weeks, and he felt he was done with drinking forever.  But returning home he was back to drinking within three days with his beer buddy and the cycle all began again. Three weeks later Ken was back in the hospital due to the spider wound getting infected. Ken spent another three weeks in the hospital but this time he did go to a skilled nursing home for rehab, and to get the wound care he needed.  Ken is currently sober and walking well with and without a walker. His long-time beer buddy has gone to live with family in another state, so I feel Ken will have a better chance of staying sober. I know he has strong will power and has conquered so many adversities in his life.  We are currently making moves to get him back to what he considers home, and we are hopeful he will continue to get to a healthier place in life.

The point here is we have loved ones closer to our hearts than others, but we do not have to agree with the choices they are making in their lives, nor should we judge them for their lifestyle. We should love them and know we have all come to this current lifetime to experience the life our soul chose; we only need to love them and make sure they know we do.

My children and grandchildren will see me through a lens of love and see that we should not judge others for what they have come here to do.

Judging is a hard one for so many. We judge what we don’t understand. Perhaps the lives of those we love are living in a way we could never have done for ourselves. The life they live is what they signed up for and to have experiences and challenges we brought ourselves out of, so why can they not be is our question.  Their walk in this life is a different reality for them, in fact that is exactly what they are doing.  They have come here to live in a way to achieve that which they themselves may not have had in their past lives.

And with that we only need to love, maybe from afar but always let them know they are loved by you.

Now if you have managed to read up to this point, I would like to know if you would be interested in a zoom group where I will read chapters from our book.


This is a way for me to get back to work helping others understand their own journey through our research and my own personal awakening and how it has helped others.

And finally, the brilliance and hard work David put into this magnificent writing.

The first chapter will be chapter 32 titled.

“How Does Someone Awaken” I picked this one to start with because so many have this question. You can respond through my website or FB messenger. Once I see the interest, I will begin to organize day and time to suit most of your schedules.

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jeniffer alexander
jeniffer alexander
May 21

Linda, your light, compassion, courage, wisdom and love is so resounding - you are an inspiration.

Linda Hack
Linda Hack
May 21
Replying to

So sweet, thank you💜

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