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Channeled Message by Linda Lee From The Collective of Enoch.

Humanoid, are you, yes you Linda. You are here now for a mission. Yes this is true. Believe in who you are Linda. It will serve you well.

Much work is to be done soon. You Linda will be called on. All you need dear Linda is there inside waiting to come forward, waiting to awaken when the call comes. You Linda will hear that call much as that call tonight.

You dear one have been prepared for this time along with many more who will hear. You will hear with your soul. It will call to you to ready yourself for that in which has been your mission. Miracles will be plentiful and you dear one will behold them.

Little is known of us. We are the Collective of Enoch. We have lived in many galaxies, earth not being one. Enich-a-wa (phonetic), gods of the lands, winds, seas, mountains, valleys, and rivers. We are the air you breathe, water you drink, and the food you eat. We have come to nurture you in your chosen path. On your path you will see many things. Each that you see will bring you closer to us. You will then join us on our path. This will be the last path you must walk. It will bring in new earth as never before seen by the Collective of the Human Race. We cannot give you time in your account, but it is near.

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