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Discussion with my higher self by Linda Lee

Q: Who are you? A: I am you? Q: What does that mean to me Linda Lee? A: Linda Lee has been known by many names and I am always a piece of each of those names. Q: Why are you talking to me now this way? A: So you can ask me what you would like to know and have a record of my answers. So what are your questions? Q: Are you what we call higher self? A: Yes ! Q: Do you recall each name I have ever used? A: Yes of course but why is that important to Linda Lee? I’m not sure curiosity I guess. Q: Can we bring forth another of those to co-mingle with the current life as Linda Lee? A: If you truly wish to do so, yes. Q: How? A: You need not but ask. Q: Ok if it is that simple why is it that we do not? A: Mainly because it may influence this life you currently live to some extent but will not change it, this being the case, what is the point? Q: Point being if one of the other lives are more proficient in an area that the current life as Linda Lee may not be, it would be prudent to bring forth those attributes to be helpful would it not? A: Your reasoning is very logical however let me point out, that those attributes that, that life has already lived may not serve this incarnation as to the path of this life and its teachings, put forth by your soul to accomplish as Linda Lee could that not lead to a possible failure? Q: Would that happen, then would it be necessary to have those same goals in the next life. A: No a new life can be filled with the souls desires and not necessarily that which was failed in the current lifetime as Linda Lee. Let’s not set up ourselves for failure.

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