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My Fellow Light Workers


My fellow light workers, much is being revealed to us at this time. Our lights are shinning and we are lifting the vibration of this earth as we came here to do. Our goal is to bring in the new earth. This is not a separate earth, but our very own earth that we stand on today, but in a higher vibration. There will be a higher level of vibration as in higher dimensions as we call them. The following posts were channeled through me in 2015, and I am being directed to re-post them as the time is near and likely now.

Please realize that those who have been in power over many life times do not want this to happen. So, they are and will continue to bring in negativity by way of each one of us to make us doubt and question ourselves and the enlightened road we have traveled. Do not be fooled by these low energies that are being directed at us to keeping us from raising the earth’s vibration. They wish to keep their hold on us one vessel (us) at a time, and this can lower the vibration of earth. Let’s not let them win still. We are united together and all must refuse this lower vibration as it crosses into our heart and mind. Do not allow yourself to be in a state of doubt and of low spirit and depression, this is how they have been able to maintain control.

We are the light that came to earth to be here at this time to bring in New Earth.

Read these posts. Take what resonates with you. That which does not resonate now will at some point. I encourage you to print them so you can go back and read them to help maintain your LIGHT.

05/11 2015 2:43 AM

This is written how I received it from Source.

For this shall be the year of the Lord. He will bring great wonders to the world those- that have not been seen on earth in eons.

Wonders of unparalleled greatness.

Skies shall hold gifts for those who have awakened.

Those who have not will be seeking your light.

Gifts of healing and wonder will appear there.

Many souls will awaken by these sights in the sky.

Trumpets will sound that cannot be denied.

The message of our Lord will not be denied or ignored.

The Earth has risen in consciousness.

The right to all beings to rise with it is now.

Those who are of the call have risen with Gaia. Together they have come to help through their awakening of the sleeping giant of darkness on earth.

This world will change as we know it and those who choose to sleep shall.

It will amaze the people of the earth. Some will rise others stay in the darkness. In the darkness is much pain and sorrow.

Why would they stay when the beauty and wonders are of LOVE beyond knowing from this world of today?

Who would stay in the darkness for only what they hold dear.

For the riches of ascension hold more gold then can be counted for the awakened.

144,000 are near, the souls of the soldiers of the Lord and his disciples.

When the 144,000 are complete look to the skies for the signs will be there for all to see.

You must open your eyes, open your ears to hear, open your heart and receive.

Reach out with an open heart is all you must do and all who love the Lord God Almighty and those who still see from the dark will receive all that is given for peace on earth.

The Galaxies will join in the sounding of the trumpets their practice has ended. For when you hear them the time is here. The skies shall dance in wonderment. The ascension of time is here. Gaia will be of two worlds. One of the light one of the dark. Where would you be?

Open your hearts to Love and Light. The gold is the light for those who have eyes to see.

Receive these words for they are from the Lord. Your Guides and Angels and are speaking. Listen and you will know of your home on the new earth.

For on the new earth will be peace on earth as promised by God.

For those who wish to go they will find ten thousand years of love unknown on earth.

You will dwell among the lions and tigers without fear.

Food will be plentiful.

Your clothes will be spun from gold and pearls and your streets will be made of emeralds and rubies.

For on new earth there will be no need for man’s idea of these precious stones as an exchange for goods.

For all is for all on new earth.

Channeled from my Higher Self                                                                           05/14/2015    5:30am-6:30am

Now is the time of our lord all that come will be of grace,  miracles will cover the world , the sky will come alive Gaia will cleanse herself of man disruptive ways this will bring upon many hardships of an epic proportion as has never been seen.

Mountains shall fall and river shall rise, Mother Nature will bring forth vibrations and the earth will shake the very souls of those who still live in the dark.

Those who have heard the calling of the lord will move to new earth, those who live in the dark will go to new earth when they too see the light but those who allow there ego to put good since behind them and stay will be the ones to see hell on earth.

Nowhere on earth will they be able  to turn and not see her furry and sadness, for mankind have not seen the light their riches will far outweigh there common since, but they will find that there is no place left for them to have or enjoy those riches.

For the light is the only way to escape the correction of earth and her plains, mountains, valleys, rivers and oceans. Who would want to stay, those who refuse to see the light those who refuse the love of the light.

144000 angels will gather together to lead the light beings to new earth there LOVE will be their food, drink and cloths. The sun will warm your days and the moon will light your nights. The wild animals of this earth will walk beside you and the children will play alongside them.

When the earth begins to rumble and the trumpets begin to blow then the time has come for those of the light, those of the knowing to move unto new earth, those who still live in the dark will have the chance to move into the light of knowing and go but many will not.

He who stays will see the wrath of our Lord God almighty; mother earth shall rattle and shake until all darkness’ has been shaken away.

Soon you will know dear ones that the love and light for the world is what was intended, man has taken your true gift of this love an light from you with their greed and lies they are being taken down eyes are opening and ears are hearing. The people have been blinded by those of the church for this greed the riches they hold dear are the riches that will destroy them. The true text of the god’s words will be open for all to see. The dawning of Aquarius is here, 12/21/2012 started our ascension to new earth; the vibration of this earth has risen with the light, the veil between our dimension thinning allowing those who seek the light to find and those who know of the light to plant their seeds.

New dawn new world ,the world of love and understanding the world of sharing the world of love to and for all mankind for all plants, creatures from the micro to the largest of living things will be on new earth.

Channeled from God                                                                                                       05/15/2015   11:00PM

In ancient times the people were of mind to believe when a miracle happen in today’s world they find reason to not.

The miracles that will happen soon will not be denied or discounted as some others and explained away by your media outlets.

To bring on these miracles the Angels of God will band together where they will be stronger than the dark forces that are now in control. The people of the world will see and believe, they will also band together to fight those in control, and together with the Angels of God showing and guiding the way.

Control will be taken back by the people for the people, to have what was given them in their birth right.

Love will be the new ruler of all. Love brings piece to the world but war must come first. Not all that comes, comes not without pain even the birth of life is given in pain so shall be the birth of new earth.

As we seek you will find from all nations where born of pain so shall New Earth.

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