• Linda Lee-Hack

My Fellow Light Workers


My fellow light workers, much is being revealed to us at this time. Our lights are shinning and we are lifting the vibration of this earth as we came here to do. Our goal is to bring in the new earth. This is not a separate earth, but our very own earth that we stand on today, but in a higher vibration. There will be a higher level of vibration as in higher dimensions as we call them. The following posts were channeled through me in 2015, and I am being directed to re-post them as the time is near and likely now.

Please realize that those who have been in power over many life times do not want this to happen. So, they are and will continue to bring in negativity by way of each one of us to make us doubt and question ourselves and the enlightened road we have traveled. Do not be fooled by these low energies that are being directed at us to keeping us from raising the earth’s vibration. They wish to keep their hold on us one vessel (us) at a time, and this can lower the vibration of earth. Let’s not let them win still. We are united together and all must refuse this lower vibration as it crosses into our heart and mind. Do not allow yourself to be in a state of doubt and of low spirit and depression, this is how they have been able to maintain control.

We are the light that came to earth to be here at this time to bring in New Earth.

Read these posts. Take what resonates with you. That which does not resonate now will at some point. I encourage you to print them so you can go back and read them to help maintain your LIGHT.

05/11 2015 2:43 AM

This is written how I received it from Source.

For this shall be the year of the Lord. He will bring great wonders to the world those- that have not been seen on earth in eons.