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A new channeling from the council. WISDOM!

Channeled to Linda Lee Hack form the Universal Council On 2/23/2018 at 3:33 AM “WISDOM”

Wisdom is the light that carries all things. You must only trust to give this light passage. Once the passage of trust is established there are no boundaries to where it will go.

When the doors have been opened within your soul, travel becomes the way.

Light is vibrational. Wisdom of the soul consciousness is released into the now of life. Wisdom comes from all forms of vibrations. Vibrations move the light up, out, and upon all things.

There are no mistakes, not from above, beside, below, or around us. Use you wisdom, for all that is in you has come in divine time.

As the wheat grows so does your wisdom. You have reached your awakening. Your path is clear. Your wisdom of all that you are and all that you will be has been moved into your now consciousness in your wisdom. The vibrations of that wisdom are free to flow and take flight taking you into the next phase of your agreement you came to do.

Youi task is simply to let your wisdom guide you. Do not let worldly wants, needs, or desires hold you from that. All things will be provided for your comfort and needs.

Again, trust is your key to delivering into your contract with us. If you look into a clear sky do you see the wind blow? But you feel the wind upon your face. So is trust in your heart and your heart be your wisdom. Live in and from you heart. Let your mind give way to your wisdom so that light vibrations flow upon the wind you do not see. Let them carry on into the universe to fill it with light for all who are ready to hear, feel, see and absorb that light into that place to release their wisdom and so it flows.

The web is connecting around the earth. Each Light becomes a beacon for another illuminating another beacon. Once all beacons are filled with wisdom they shall grasp hands joining in the solidarity of all wisdom to move Mother Earth into her higher consciousness creating the vibration of pure love upon her.

We are the Universal Council channeling through our, your, sister of love…..

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