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Awakening! 05/15/2015

Channeled from God:

In ancient times the people believed when a miracle happened but in today’s world people find reasons to disbelieve.

The miracles that will happen soon will not be denied or discounted or explained away by your media outlets.

To bring on these miracles the Angels of God will band together where they will be stronger than the dark forces that are now in control.

The people of the world will see and believe and they will also band together to fight those in control. Together with the Angels of God showing and guiding the way

control will be taken back by the people for the people to have what was given them in their birth right.

Love will be the new ruler of all. Love brings piece to the world but war must come first. Not all that comes is without pain. Even the birth of life is given in pain and  as we seek you will find  all nations where born of pain, so shall be the birth of new earth.

The labor pains have already begun.

Written by

Linda Lee

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