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Breaking Free

Do not be held hostage by those who are not of the light.

Gaia cries of injustice that has been done by the darkness that covers her and holds you from the love that is yours. We are kept in the darkness of control for profit, greed and power.

We have for many generations been kept in this darkness, do not let it blind you any longer.

You have been given; the light of true love to release you from this darkness, take it and share it with all who come; so they too may spread the light of freedom that shall cover our Mother Earth.

The Divine love that is spoken of, across the veil is ours to have here on earth and our lights will bring it fourth to all who are open to receive.

The wings of Angels await above to pull back the darkness that holds the love back from the Earth. They are waiting to bring us out and into the light of pure unconditional love.

Being grateful in all that is yours in all that is not and in all that can be, will bring the love for all humanity.

Love yourself as you are loved by the Divine. You are the I AM to all that is. You are of the collective that creates all things, be accepting and honored for the part of you that holds the flower of life together, for without you, surely we shall fall.

Remember, one never dies you are eternal you are love and you are thee I AM.

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