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Channeled from the Universal Council June 15th 2018 4:33pm

Channeled from the Universal Council June 15, 2018 4:33 PM

It is now as you move forward unto your chosen path as Universal Light Workers. Much is in motion of change for many of you.

This time has been long in arriving on your time line, but only now is it on the universal line of time of always now…… The universal voiceless Council of Light speaks through our member and your sister in soul.

Let your soul leap into the light of your purpose of this lifetime that you chose to come to earth for. The work you longed to participate in and for the vibration ascent of all the universe.

Ascension speaks only of Mother Earth. Why is it not known, that by your light within this task, does also behold the universe, and is affected by your loving gift to ascend all life and all life forms. Widen your perspective in this task you have accepted.

You ignore the greatness in your agreement and commitment. Only when you return home shall you remember why it was a loving agreement harboring no ego or expected admiration by others. Within you lives a knowing that is not outlined by your awareness, this too is a sacrifice agreed to, that keeps you in the dark. You are all the strongest of the strong.

Many of you are feeling the expanding of your heart within your chest. We ask you to realize this is not only a life organ but your soul. When you feel the heart expanding making you feel breathless focus there inviting it to open allowing love to come inside. This will allow your waking and sleeping time to feel the greatness of love from where you call home. This is a reward we can give to you now as you continue to move forward on your path. This path was filled with all that you committed to in this incarnation.

Realize that your full soul is at work, this includes all fractals in all dimensions. This can cause confusion and feeling of separation. You are strong and committed and we the Council and all beings love and thank you for that commitment.

Know celebrations await your return for a job well done. Many, many blessing stand with you always, as you walk your path📷 Universal Council as channeled through our sister of light, Linda Lee Hack

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