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Incoming Universal Energy Happening Now and Why!

Channeling from the Universal Council 3:33 AM 03/11/2018

What is this thing that is approaching unto us? It’s the energy of the universe that will bring all light workers into their full potential to move through all that no longer serves them or humanity. Many of you feel time has been accelerated by universal energy. You will or have been dealing and releasing all that is no longer serving you, allowing new energy to replace the old. The new energy will move into place for the work to be done. Many may be a geographical move. You each are a beacon of light we will send or place you where your beacon will best serve to benefit the whole of the universe and Mother Earth. The work that is being done at this time and forward is critical to all from around the globe and beyond your ability to see. More and more will also leave to work on a universal level that cannot be done on earth’s plane. Those things many will understand was their soul purpose. They will move into a different dimension to complete their soul mission to awaken those who cannot see. The matrix is not what all think it to be. The matrix is a web that is placing the workers about, not only earth but again the universe. When all light workers have awakened and moved into place is when the shift will be complete. Each and every one of you are an integral part in order to move. No one is less or greater but equal in your soul path. We from the Universal Council urge all of you to move from your comfort zone. Step into your light allow that light to shine upon all who near you. Follow your intuition, allow it to guide you and move you into this time to awaken others. The speed of time continues to increase with each new light worker who awakens unto their path. We stand on the horizon of change. Do not slumber through, but take mighty leaps forward, your work just became greater yet lighter to carry. It is that light your light that will carry all into the next global awakening movement. Remain committed. Do not allow the color of night to step into or upon your path for its goal is to stop you from the path you incarnated to walk. Do not allow it to cast doubt or pitch workers against one another to dime the light. Embrace and love, support each other clasps your hands in love as we join unto each is how the web is made complete. The universe longs for this completion in order to move into the love, light and balance herself as she (Earth) rotates within her axles moving into place for only love understanding and compassion and allowing once again universal help upon the earth in a way that all can see with their own eyes. This message comes from the Universal Council of Light channeled through the vessel of Linda Lee Hack.

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