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Messages channeled to and through me from the Universal Collective Council

Message to Linda Lee from the Universal Collective Council Channeled by Her March 22, 2017 at 1:11 A.M.

This message is of the most importance for humanity to hear. All of you who walk the earth and sit on the Universal Collective Council will deliver this message around the globe in many different ways and languages to reach every corner of the world to unite in the light.

This is the time many will choose to not see the light. They are still asleep. Do not worry for them, for there shall be another emerging for them to catch the wave of light and energy.

Trust in us as we trust in you. Love and light surrounds you.


Much is happening at this time. You are all being called forward. Many who have been asleep will now awaken. Energy is very high and will bring forth new light workers. Those in accord will lead the way. Many will be the completion of a new way and time. Many of you will make contact with your higher self. Questions you have asked will be answered.

Your higher self knows all, aspects of your higher self will join you at that time. They will bring that which has been held from you back into your consciousness to equip you with the knowledge that will be needed for this time.

This coming forth will enlighten and expand within you all that will be needed.

Many things and possibilities will come into your path. Do not close any door that opens for it has been opened for you.

Many acts will be in this play to be performed. Your part will be clear to each of you when it is placed in your energy path.

For each new light worker and those who are and have been open, it will be a clear message. There must be no doubt when received as to from where it has come. Your higher self has been waiting for 05/05/2017 to bring clarity to your light mission. Those who are now fully awake will be given a greater role in this movement. They will be the ones moving the energy forward. All dimensions are in the same space. The time has come to simply merge the light into a higher vibration. When this is complete those who are ready to awaken will bring their light energy and the cause and effect will take place. Understand this is not a local movement, but a universal movement.

All of you who have been aware of your work but lack understanding of the purpose will then understand.

There will be left no reason for doubt or ego to hold back truth of the mission you have been working in secret. It shall be revealed.

Many messages are coming through many light workers now and until this earth time arrives. Listen to them, as different messages will hold the same message. You will be led to them through different methods, but they will all convey the truth.

Eyes and hearts will be opened. Many souls have been laying in in wait for this time. Many universal energies will merge with the light workers. Contact has already begun and will increase at a much faster pace do not doubt or fear as you have prepared for this time for many of your incarnations here on earth and in other life forms.

All souls have been preparing for this mass awakening, and your higher self will merge into your conscious mind to complete this movement of energy.

Please understand you have a body but all things are simply energy, and it is this energy that will awaken on this massive scale. As this energy moves into place reaction will also take place. Mother Earth will also have movement from this energy. Great healing will take place.

A scab must be formed just like your vessel when its energy has been displaced in order for healing to take place.

Be not fearful. You are protected. You are the light force that is needed to be received. Loving arms of protection will be placed around you.

Some will choose to return home to work on for this massive influx of energy. Do not mourn them. This is how they planned to be of service in their life contracts.

Some of you reading this or listening to this channeling will know who you are and many of you will see others leave to fulfill their life contracts.

Again we caution you to trust and believe in your own intuition for it is your higher self-speaking to you. Your higher self has been a part of your soul’s journey. It knows every life you have lived intimately. Through all things it has been guiding you in this lifetime. It is so looking forward to the moment it shall merge openly showing so much more than you have come to know until know. Have faith in yourself, why you are, in who you are, and why you are here at this time to see into the merging of energy light.

The wind does blow but you cannot see it, but you can feel it upon your face. So is faith, faith in life, and your understanding of your sole purpose is about to emerge unto you as long as you have faith to let it in…opening your heart (soul) and mind to accept the part you choose to play before this current incarnation

We as a Universal Collective Council have brought forth this message using this vessel, Linda Lee, who sits at our table and is a valuable asset to humanity and all of the universe. We honor you and thank you.

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