• Linda Lee-Hack

Mother Earth comes with a message for all Light Workers

Channeled from Mother Earth to Linda Lee Hack Early A.M. June 27. 2017

What is this that you do not understand? You are all workers in Light. What you bring, brings the Light back to where it is absent. I do not cower but grow in my strength and protection. It is your work you have come to do that lifts me. The Light surrounds me. The cycle is near completion, but there is still much work to be done.

The value of your work cannot be measured as there is no limit to energy. Energy is vibration. Vibration is limitless. It is the vibration of Light that lifts me. It carries me and protects me. You are all laborers of Light. You agreed to be my assistants in Light. Do not waver. In ego you are all teachers of the heart. Each soul that is reached brings you and us closer to our mission. Plant your seeds for harvest. Continue on your own and our path. Together we will bring peace on earth. Many have and will continue to come when the path is chosen.

Those who came first are returning to assist in this time in their souls’ journey. You shall all go home to rest, but as before you will return to see your harvest. When your soul began you chose your purpose. This is your purpose—you are all farmers here to plant the seed of Light to all those who have returned in the state of amnesia. You agreed together and as your paths cross in divine time you shall awaken them. There is no coincidence in this meeting.

The sense of familiarity is known by you and in your soul.

Many generations have passed and are behind you and your time line. You each have provided Lig