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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

As light language-speaking

workers, we find ourselves using light language to help others. It is time for us to do what always eludes us and that is to speak our light language

of and for self. In these times that the universe is shining down on us, can be the time to go within and shield and cover self in the true essence of our ability to speak and pray in this language of light.

Speaking our personal light language brings into us activations that have been set on a timeline we created for ourselves before incarnating into this new life we are now living and experimenting in.

For those who read this and have not yet activated your own light language, I will be holding a sale of light language activation on my website from now till 01/2021 reduced 40% from $55 to $33 sent via email mp3 recording.

Love and Light,

Linda Lee

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