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Universal Collective Council Channeled By Linda Lee

February 16, 2017 3:55 AM EST

Channeled by Linda Lee

Universal Collective Council

For so long we have waited for what is now approaching.

With the morning sky awash with light, with the sight of our ships, we will come unto the world.

No longer will there be mystery of only one life.

We come in peace and bring with us the way of a free and loving world.

No more will the will of those who keep you in bondage prevail.

No more false flags will be perpetrated against you as a people, but love will be your way.

Those who do not wish to see, hear, or acknowledge will be lost to their own world of lust and hate. So we say look to the morning sky, feel the morning sun upon your brow.

Rest your feet upon the soil that feeds and nourishes you. This is where you will see us.

This world no longer will be in doubt about their fore fathers.

No longer will borders divide us. As one we shall be.

All races will break bread as one.

We are one universe collectively becoming one.

Many will leave your soil first. Do not mourn for them. They have chosen not to be here before their incarnation.

Fear not your loss for they have work to do as you have chosen your work here.

Light workers as you call Self remain diligent in your work. Open your hearts to all who pass, for with your energy of light is to bring to them their opportunity to see.

Those who returned home shall be the instrument of your work.

Attunement is in the wind that surrounds you. Breathe it into your lungs. Feel your chakras align from the sun above and travel into mother earth’s energy.

You are no longer a puppet on a string but floating on the energy of one. One nation no more but the universe as one.

Come travel with us to this place where the history of who you are is about to unfold for all to see. With you will come your seed. Let it be known your harvest will be vast.

The light you shine works in the creation of energy shared by you. Before your awakening little did you know, but you shall see your work has been with you all the days of your existence from the birth of your soul.

Hear, and know will come this time of awakening of souls no longer one at a time but by the millions. Our word is being fulfilled, and you my loves are the instruments of change.

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