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Universal Council of Light with new messages for humanity

MONDAY 08/05/2019 5:44 AM EDITED SATURDAY 08/24/2019

They come at you from all directions and YES! this too is a message.

Universal messages from Earthlings and other life forms; Pleadians, Arcturians, Sirians and Andromeda’s and many unknown planets and galaxies.

We the Universal Council of Light use many vessels to move forward that which you need to embrace, but we ask you to use your own discernment in these messages.

Each of you are on a different path at any given time. Each of you are in your own awakening evolution and not all messages are for all souls held within your vessel.

Each soul is to receive that which they are ready for.

We the council of light are a collective of each living planet including earth.

Many earth souls join in our council to bring into light the messages to be up loaded into humanity. We ask that if all messages do not resonate with you know they will when the (your) door will be open to except that which has been waiting for your understanding.

Much about humanity is and will be disclosed many will be shocked to the very core of their being. We asked that you guard and protect yourself with the light of love for not all humans are capable of such atrocities that shall spill forward for all too see.

US, UK, Arabic Nation, Congo, Australia, Russia China and many countries around the globe and beyond to include other life forms, are playing their part in these atrocities. The Vatican and many other religions sect all contribute with the innocence of children.

The depth is beyond comprehension of those who are living in their heart.

Protection of the heart space is what your language of light has been activated within you and come in many different forms. Use them to sooth the pain that this disclosure will bring. The time is nearing for much to be revealed. Do not turn a blind eye or closed mind to the unveiling of facts and evidence allowing you to see and feel just how deep these atrocities run.

The atrocities can only be stopped by disclosing the horrific details of what and how people of power are controlled.

Forget not that even the shining star will tarnish if sunk into the depth of the mud. But also it’s the tarnished start that can bring the depth of the mud to the surface to see the light revealed of the underground atrocities happening around your world and universe.

We ask you to begin to prepare yourself for what becomes knowledge as the first evidence begins to flow and be revealed.

Bravery will bring this to light. Many will die as they play their part. As so many have. Not just at this juncture but in time past.

The council of light has worked very hard to put into power those who are strong enough for the fight against the dark side of power and humanity.

They needed to be put in a place of protection and power to bring this to light.

Many Nations are involved in this dark side of the soul.

We ask that you use your light to protect this message that will be revealed without doubt. Many things are moving towards this total reveal that you cannot see. We ask you to trust in us to make it known to all so all the darkness may seep into the light.

This journey will be painful for the heart to fathom and for those who only wish to close a blind eye to truth they cannot bear to see, do you not be.

It is time to use all the tools and abilities you have activated within you to fight and protect yourself and others. Shine your light on all you do and all who pass your way.

Do not let the waves of the ocean of emotions drown you out, stand tall, ground yourself. Use love to light your way. Call out in your light language when there are no humane words to light your way or sooth your soul when you seek understanding.

We bid you well. Always remember your soul made the choice to be here at this time to use your light to protect others, to help them see their choice also. Use your light and love for others as this path begins to roll out. You are strong and know your light can shine in the darkness.

Allow yourself to understand that this is all part of the evolution of earth as well as the universe.

Please note editing date. I received this message on the date indicated but pondered as to post or not. Then things started to be reveled publicly (Epstein) which indicated to me this message needed to be shared even though I felt it would cause a heavy heart in many.

Many blessing, Linda Lee

Universal Council of Light                                                             08/24/2019

We come to you with words that shall cost you much deliberation within your heart and mind.

Much will be coming to light soon that will cause much distress through the world. Those who have been fooled into believing you are alone here, in this planet will soon have the knowledge shared with you that we are not.

Stay in your heart knowing this has been planned and life as you have believed it to be is not.

You will be made to see who you are and freedom is soon to be the norm for the people of earth as it was intended to be. Those who still stand in the dark will begin to see. Many of our earth children have already began to see the truth in their heart they know of the control that has been here for more than decades it is millenniums of time. The creature you could have been was taken away from you for greed, lust and satanic reasons to feed the soul of control.

The light workers who volunteered to come to earth in this generation and those who are now coming in now, are those who hold and carry the light that will overcome the control of humanity.

They have been and will be guided to seek truth and as is said the truth will set you free. The truth that you are a sovereign being born to be free to love and bring the heart and soul of each and every one of you into the light.

It is with great honor that we along with many other councils will be guiding you through the months and years ahead. Many will be called upon to help carry humanities burden. This truth will set into action. Be strong as you help guide others to see and except the truth to be unveiled before you heart and soul. You agreed to be the way- showers. You have been guided to seek and see this truth. Time is now to step back from the darkness of this knowledge for many of you to retreat back into the light you carried into the vessel you now reside in, for your work and reason has come to fruition in this time.

All the councils are joining together to usher in the truth, This will not be disclosed in small increments any longer, it will come in as that of a storm with the fury and energy that can or will no longer be denied. Many will fall and you can be sure that this is their purpose for they are preparing for their return to help put life on earth into place with the freedom to live without persecution.

Humans have been the sacrificial lamb to the power that controls. Your value is only to give to them their own ugly love for power, and control, you are expendable for their power and greed that is why you have been corralled into the land of the sheep herder.

Even our channel has fallen prey to the mind control they have over you. She was asked about the 911 incident while channeling and because her mind could not conceive that the government could be responsible for those atrocities against humanity; she blinded herself to the true image she was given to answer the question asked of her, when she could clearly see in those images the wires that helped transmit the energy to cause such destruction against humankind from those who would call themselves our protectors.

Even those who carry the golden light within still have a hard time allowing the truth to be told when that truth is weighed down with the knowledge that humans from every country throughout earth have and are just play things on a chess board to those in control. You can be extinguished within one heart beat for their pleasure and greed. You are the lambs it is your blood they seek to fulfill their needs to continue the power over humane life. This will come to the end for them. It is the light of the ANGELS, you the workers that have come to merge with the darkness to bring it into our light so humanity can be free to be the race of the earth.

Meek is the lamb; known for resurrection, tenderness and innocence. You are their herd to be used for their desires; regarded as a symbol of purity and sacrifice.

So it is written: Matthew 5: 5….Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth.

Psalm 37:10….In just a little while the wicked will be no more; through you look carefully at this place, he will not be there. But the meek shall inherit the land and delight themselves in abundant peace.

Psalm 37:11…. But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity.

Channeled through Linda Lee

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