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Why souls leave us young

I had no idea why I woke at 5AM and got out of bed but know I do. While catching up on Face Book I came across a sadness that so many have gone through. It lacks any understanding to the mind or the heart. As a medium I have channeled young lives that have crossed through the veil. What comes through from them is this. I have a purpose and a job this job I have taken on since I was born of spirit. Putting it simply to you as many in spirit have to me is I come and go to awaken those whose lives I have touched. I have come as a fetus just to leave before my live birth, I have come to open the eyes and heart to love by acts of violence. I will come sick and be loved and nurtured till humane death occurs, I will come and take my own human life for those who have planned their life contract with me to be an instrument to understand life, value and love. I do not come and go for no purpose. I have a very loving spirit and because I chose to do this spiritual work. I get to see the results of my however short existence creates in those whose lives I have partnered up with before we return to life on earth as we all know it. Make no mistake the souls that have come through in my channeling session are very open about this job they have chosen to do. They tell us that they return to earth over and over again touching lives to help create seekers of the light to awaken earth souls to know true unconditional love. In some hearts it takes loss to awaken them to, true meaning of love. They represent the true meaning of God, Source or whatever label you put on how when or where this all started for us earth people. I know this will not resonate with all who read it but I have been lead to write it so for some it will. I hope for it to bring a new view and respect for those soul’s that loved enough to give such a great and loving gift. Namaste Linda Lee.

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